Friday, September 23, 2005

The Art of Caroline Young

(But shouldn't there be a goban in front of her?)

Just a slight digression from Go (but you know I wouldn't be posting it if there wasn't even something Go-related on my mind).

I received an invitation to a premiere exhibit and sale of Caroline Young's latest work which is pictured above. Ms. Young has distinguished herself as a contemporary artist of the Chinese delicate style. If you appreciate classical East Asian art you will love browsing through her gallery.

Given her focus on classical Chinese themes, I'm hoping that she will eventually do something focused around Wei-Chi (as Go was originally named in China). Perhaps I'll pop the question to her at the exhibit. Wish me luck!

For those who are interested, the exhibit will be in Union City on October 8th and 9th care of Escolta Fine Arts. Their gallery focuses on Asian and Pacific Islander works.


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