Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Five liberties and you're stable

I played nine games yesterday afternoon and evening. My rank fluctuated from 16k down to 18k and back up to 17k. Rank is irrelevant to me now; except for the annoyance that I'm less likely to receive challenges from stronger opponents. I'm in an experimentation stage.

Two of my games were with Imagist (16k) and one of them was with waya9 (14k). Imagist plays a strong game and seems to be progressing quickly. I was humbled by waya9's genorosity. I had lost my game with him but he undid a life-or-death sequence that I had messed-up so I could play it correctly. He then did a rather thorough review of our game.

They say that a string of stones with 5 liberties is stable and, when it has achieved that many in a contact fight, one can tenuki (play elsewhere). It's not an absolute rule and I may be playing it to excess; not leaving a fight for fear that my strings are yet unstable.

Hikaru No Go Music Vidoes

I came across music videos of a couple of songs from Hikaru No Go. Some of you have probably been looking for them. Here's the first.

This music video is Get Over by Dream. It was the first and most recognizable opening theme for the series.


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