Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sabbatical ... seriously

I haven't played a single game in fourteen days. For me, that's a rather long time.

Part of it was due to increased activities at the office but there was something else; something worth noting.

My desire to improve in skill and in KGS rank was making Go feel more like work rather than a leisurely challenge. It was taking a bit of the fun out of the game and probably wouldn't be helpful if I allowed it to continue. Quite naturally, I gradually stepped away and indulged in other pursuits.

I imagine that some other amateur players may have experienced a point of overload at one time or another. I'm thinking of allowing this sabbatical to continue for a couple more weeks.

Who knows? It might actually be good for my game.


At 5:10 PM, May 09, 2007, Blogger Dustin said...

Heh, who knows, a couple years ago when I started playing at one point I was never improving so I just stopped playing for a year or so, came back once in awhile, and now I'm back for awhile and have improved.. Very strange, but it did help.

At 5:12 AM, May 10, 2007, Blogger Rafa said...

Sometimes it's fine to take a break. The most important thing in Go is having fun. It's important not to loose interest.

At 11:44 AM, May 14, 2007, Blogger Yogenzaga said...

haha. Are there any other chiyoblogs we don't know about? ;)

Anyway, I'm on a sort of go sabatical, also. I got too wraped up in rank and it stopped being fun. I'll be coming back to playing again tomorrow probably after about three weeks. I got a little weaker in that time, but it was worth it. I want to get back to winning games though :)

At 3:02 PM, May 15, 2007, Blogger Phelan said...

I also took a Go sabbatical just a while ago. I stopped playing for almost a month, and I only resumed playing at a local tournament. It was one of my best tournaments so far, so I guess I needed the break.

Like rafa said, what's important is to have fun playing Go.

At 6:11 PM, May 15, 2007, Blogger Bjorn said...

when rank line goes flatline, time to change study habits, not stop them.
there's detail and whole board; when one stops, details fade and better view of whole board. play looser and can get better development. but can't expect barriers to fall without force.

i play less than i review materials; i'd rather play when i think i've learned something new.

as for work v. fun, to get good at anything requires 'work', except work; lots of 10k guitarists out there, too, painfully enough.

i won 3 dan games may 6 at ucf tourney, made aga 1.12, all b no komi v. 1,1&2D. shows end of game 1, b+R. 45min ea. but didn't reach b.y. g1.

a reward for the time, and to spur one onward through theory and pro games, perchance a rated game or two.


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