Sunday, July 03, 2005

No Go for a week?

I've been playing more than I have been studying Go. I've decided to spend this holiday week finishing Janice Kim's second volume of Learn To Play Go. I'll probably leave my PC on and may be tempted to play some quick games; but I'm going to focus more on my readings until July 9th.

I've also reset my rank from 22k? to BC after taking some harsh beatings on World Web Go (a predominantly Japanese Go server) and DashBaduk (a predominantly Korean Go server). After comparing myself to the Japanese and the Koreans, my rank is more realistically around the area of 28k.

I'll be spending more time on DashBaduk. The Koreans play a wicked game of Go (I mean that as a superlative compliment) and I want to observe their games as much as possible.


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