Friday, July 15, 2005

Was there a way to do it?

Haikon (21k+) easily thwarted my attempts to reduce his territory in an exciting late-night 13x13 game and I lost by 21.5 moku. Like against Zero9090 (22k), I actually enjoy losing to Haikon. They're great opponents and gracious winners.

I find my matches become even more thrilling when I play to the original soundtrack of Ghost In The Shell: Innocence (Track 10). It gives the game a dramatic sense of foreboding.

8 stones lost in two failed reductions. 3 lost, and up to 10 moku, by failure to fortify.
Foiled again!

So now I'm wondering whether:
  • ... there was a smarter way to invade.
  • ... my opening attack was doomed to be limited in territory.
  • ... I pursued the wrong objectives.
I'll review our match but I feel that the scope of my vision still needs to expand. The SGF to this game is here if you'd like to download, review and comment on it. If you need an SGF viewer/editor, I strongly recommend Drago (you can read my comments on this excellent tool in this earlier post).

I'm itching to play yet another game, but I'm too tired from staying up late to finish some work-related projects.


At 12:11 PM, July 15, 2005, Anonymous Alan Hogue said...

Hi Chiyodad,

Well, I'm a beginner too, and what's more I don't know if I've ever played a 13x13 game, but I thought I'd look at your game anyway, so for what it's worth:

Move 33: Can you explain this move at C3? My understanding is that in such a situation you must either make life or break up white's wall somehow. Otherwise, as far as I know, you are throwing stones away, aren't you?

Move 35 (C11): This looks like a similar situation to me. I (and I could be completely wrong about this) would be inclined to try squeezing from the outside, or at least moving a little more to the right so I might have a better chance of using K10 later on. By the time white makes a few more moves I would be tempted to abandon those stones as lost. I'm sure you could have made life here, but that would be far beyond my abilities.

Move 92 (K8): It looks to me like this is where the right side was taken by white. If you had connected here before white cut it looks to me like you might have had most of that side.

Overall, my inclination would have been to fight less for these corners and squeeze white from the outside, hoping to make lots of thickness in the middle, and/or perhaps stake some new territory on the right.

What do you think? Just some thoughts.

At 2:45 PM, July 15, 2005, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

Hello Alan,

You're right on 33 and 35. Both moves lacked clear objectives. I received similar comments in a commented SGF which I may post to this site.

Regarding 92, I believe the battle was lost earlier on. This will need a little more examination.

You had once mentioned to me that you're heavier on theory; but that is the foundation for vision in the game. My two former moves clearly suffered from lack thereof.


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