Saturday, July 09, 2005

Yeah. I do need to slow down.

Zero9090 (22k) and I played another fast 13x13 game this evening. He noted that I need to slow down; and he's right. A little more time invested in my moves would yield better results.

I lost this evening's match by 1.5 moku, missing an opportunity to connect two groups of stones and losing a large cluster in the lower-bottom. It was right under my nose.

I don't mind losing to Zero9090. I feel I learn something new (or get to try new methods) in each of our matches. The opening moves were moderately aggressive (unlike my normal style). The final sequence of this game gave me an opportunity to use the method of gouging out eyes by sacrificing stones.

The background of glGo now uses my light-yellowish tatami texture which, IMHO, gives the playing area a very fresh look and it's even better than my deep red textures. You'll find it, and other textures, in previous posts.


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