Thursday, September 29, 2005

Game with Thumbelina takes me to 23k

Armed with a more self-awareness from my game with augustine (20k) , I decided to play another game on KGS during my early lunch break.

This was a 3-stone and 2-aspirin game for me.

I was mentally exhausted after this game with Thumbelina (19k) with a 3-stone handicap (game rank of 22k) but I won the match and found myself promoted to 23k afterwards. My thanks to Thumbelina for accepting the game with a reduced handicap.

It seemed as if I was almost about to fall into the trap of fighting too many simultaneous battles (as yoyoma (3k) had warned me about before) but I managed to clean-up my middle game. More than anything, this match seemed to have a lot of capture races and it gave my mind a heavy workout.

I also had a short rematch with Lilian (26k?) which turned out a little one-sided because she hadn't been on KGS for a while. I hope to have a another match with her in the future now that I'm entitled to one less stone.


At 7:01 AM, September 30, 2005, Anonymous Gilles said...

Hello ChiyoDad,
just a comment about White 19 in your game with Thumbelina. The position is joseki. This means it should resists against moves like this. Here is the way to handle the cut.




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