Sunday, February 19, 2006

KGS Accountant

Screen capture of KGS Accountant

Aah, rank. Love it or hate it, we're still often fixated by it, aren't we? After all, it's probably the most convenient method for measuring our progress at Go.

While hanging out at the English Game Room on KGS, I discovered that Ceiter had created a program called KGS Accountant. It's a great little applet which downloads all of your game statistics from KGS. Once downloaded, you can export it as a tab-delimited text file or use the applet to chart your win/loss ratio. It therefore offers a little more functionality than joncol's KGS statistic calculator.

The program works on Mac OS and Windows.

In other news

Strip Number 1 from Simply Potterific
Clicke to enlarge

ChiyoChan uploads her artwork to There's a remarkably large pool of talented artists on that site.

One of our current favorites is KT Shy who created the extremely funny fan-art entitled, "Simply Potteriffic!" She has 15 comic strips on the site and I've placed one above for you to sample.


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