Saturday, February 25, 2006

Many meetings at Games of Berkeley

As it turned out, ChiyoChan's regional spelling bee competition was at Le Conte Hall in UC Berkeley today (instead of at the Lawrence Hall of Science). Today also happened to be the beginners Go tournament at the nearby Games of Berkeley.

Since ChiyoChan's competition wouldn't finish until noon, ChiyoMama suggested that I walk over to the tournament. I wasn't going to have enough time to compete but I thought that I might at least be able to get in a couple of friendly games before the tournament started.

Surprise! I ran into ScatCat, Iceman and Toastcrumb. I also reaquainted myself with Herb and Charles from The Berkeley Go Club.

Toastcrumb took the above photo of ScatCat's board. The bowls are from Kuroki.
Many thanks!

ScatCat and I played a 6-stone handicap game on his marvelous Purpleheart board which was nicely accented by purple clam shell stones from Kuroki Goishi Ten. The combination made a beautifully unique Go set. I was rather surprised how heavy Purpleheart is.

Those of you who are interested in this board can find it, and many other contemporary and exotic boards, on Board Game Go's eBay store.

These stones from Kuroki Goishi Ten seem to have been made to be paired with a Purpleheart board.

Sadly, I wasn't able to chat extensively with Iceman because the competition rounds started shortly after he arrived and then I had to abruptly depart for lunch with the family. My apologies! We'll meet again.

Games of Berkeley tops Kinokuniya in Go books

Three shelves of Go books from Kiseido, Yutopian, Samarkance and
the defunct Ishi Press. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

I was remarkably impressed with the on-hand inventory of Go books at Games of Berkeley. Months ago, my friend Alan had told me that they had a better selection than Kinokuniya but I wasn't able to check it out. This is definitely the place to browse and examine if you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm sorry to report that, as of last week, the inventory of English books at Kinokuniya is almost depleted. I couldn't get a clear answer of whether they would be restocking soon or not.


At 8:22 AM, February 26, 2006, Anonymous ScatCat said...

Hi Chiyodad!

It was an unexpected suprise running into you at the tourney. I wish you had time enough to compete. It was a nice turnout. We had 13 people competing on 6 boards for 4 rounds. A lot of KGS regulars attended. It was nice to put faces to formerly anonymous handles. :). It was such a sucess, I overheard they're planning another tourney at the beginning of summer. How did Chiyochan do in the spelling bee? I look forward to our next match on KGS. TTFN!

At 9:09 AM, February 26, 2006, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

Hello scatcat!

It's good to hear that the Berkeley Go Club found it to be a great success and that they're planning another tourney. Maybe I'll be able to make that one.

I'll need to take another trip up to Games of Berkeley just so I can more closely examine their selection of books.

ChiyoChan is confident of only four out of fifty words that they tested them on at the spelling bee. We told her that she's already accomplished enough just making it to the regionals. At the bee, she ran into one of her friends from a former basketball team so the two of them were able to enjoy each other's company during the break.

See you online!


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