Sunday, February 11, 2007

Short notes from Bruce Wilcox and Jens Henker

In case you haven't been perusing the forums over at, you've probably missed all the accolades that some of us have been heaping upon Bruce Wilcox's Go Dojo: Contact Fights.

I'm hoping to write one of my kyu-reviews on this software in the near future but I'd like to get further along in it. I'm about in the middle of its intermediate section but my initial impressions of Bruce's Dojo are all strongly favorable. In a nutshell, if a beginner were to approach me today and ask how they might be able to level-up quickly, I'd probably direct them to Bruce's software as soon as they finished reading something like Janice Kim's Learn To Play Go: Volume I. In my humble opinion, Bruce is particularly talented in writing software to teach Go.

Anyway, I had asked Bruce in an email as to what new developments there might be with his software and he had this to say:

There is no news from me.... I write new software when I am between jobs, and currently I am fully employed. My next unemployment plan is to write Go Dojo: Pattern Recognition, which covers, life and death, joseki, and tesuji. But it may or may not ever happen.

Here's hoping that we might see more teaching software from Bruce (albeit I do not wish for him to lose gainful employment)!

Jens's new English website

Jens is in the center at the back.

Jens Henker (aka Tudorus on KGS) is studying Baduk at Myongji University. Up until now, his personal website was written only in German. He has recently set-up an English section so we can keep tabs on his Baduk academics and life in Korea.


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