Friday, July 15, 2005

First DashBaduk Win

ChiyoChan and ChiyoMama went early to Borders so I had a little time for a 19x19 game. Things were oddly quiet on IGS and KGS so I launched my DashBaduk client where my rank is (27k?). I got a 2-stone handicap match with chae4540 (25k?).

Nice interface, color themes, animated avatars,
and plenty of controls on DashBaduk's client.

chae4540 played a fast, aggressive timed game which gave me little opportunity to think. In this situation, I felt my best option was to play in a way that minimized my mistakes.

I won by her resignation as I was able to secure a large territory on the right side of the board and was awkwardly successful in thwarting her attacks to my kill group in the lower left. She challenged me to a rematch but I declined. I was a little too buzzed after the game. Neither of us could communicate as my system could not display Hangul. That's too bad because I wouldn't mind trying to practice some of my basic Korean as I try with Zero9090.

The interface design on DashBaduk is clean. Premium users seem to get animated avatars (chae4540's character left in a sedan chair after our match ended). Your game record (gibo in Korean) is stored online and downloadable. Give it a try sometime. You'll find me there as ChiyoDad. Who else?


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