Monday, July 04, 2005

Match with SAKO55 and a 3-stone handicap and Zero9090 with no handicap.

Again, the IGS has given me the unconfirmed rank of 22k (i.e. 22k?). I know my strength is not to that level.

I played a match against SAKO55 (22k) with a three-stone handicap and he readily beat me even with generous times for each move. Being a slower player, longer move times are to my advantage. The three-stone handicap would have been sufficient for an even game if my strength were equivalent to 25k.

Zero9090 is also ranked at at 22k? but he plays well. He mentioned to me that he lives in Pusan but that he doesn't play on DashBaduk.

I really envy some of the Japanese, Korean and Chinese players that I've encountered. They're inclined to play with stricter time limits for these amateur games. Though the value of this practice is open to debate, I feel that it hones the sense for correct placement in tesuji and life-and-death.


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