Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Go in Russia & The 8th Ing Youth Tournament

Photo from their gallery.
Methinks that I should have more games outdoors.

Back in August, I had written about a Russian Go blog that was written in English. As some of you had commented in emails and online chat, this is a particularly enjoyable blog as it had several photos capturing their activities. We all like having windows into other worlds.

Well, the window into Russia has just expanded. I received an email yesterday from Mikhail G. Emelyanov, the Managing Director of The Go Federation. He informed me that their site now has an English-language forum. They now also have an expanded gallery of photos. You'll definitely enjoy browsing through both.

They have a lot of outdoors Go events; by the seaside, on the street, and at what looks like a backyard barbecue. Without a doubt, the public activites help promote awareness of the game.

This blog and its gallery really does a great photo-journalistic job. It makes me think that I need to make more active use of my own digital camera.

If you can read Russian, their main site can be found at

Youth Tournament in Sunnyvale

Photo from the 7th Ing Youth Cup Tournament.
Full Gallery from GoMasters.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, the 8th Ing Youth Cup Tournament is being held this Sunday, October 30th, down in Sunnyvale. The tournament is being coordinated by GoMasters, the club headed by Mingjiu Jiang (7p).

I'm not certain if I'll have the time to visit this tournament but the number of attendees is expected to be large. The whole Bay Area has a large Asian population and the South Bay is home to Silicon Valley.


At 1:28 AM, November 14, 2005, Anonymous Saniya (McSnail) said...

Came here from, and found Azuma Kiyohiko fans!!
My respect :^)

I also like Azumanga and Yotubato! very much. Maybe someday I'll be able to draw as simple and profound as Azuma-san does...
Well, you can see how i draw now at my webpage (* modestly *)
3 )

Btw, my nick on KGS is McSnail, sometimes I play at Russian page and Russian Club page. I'm around 10k or so (though my sensei says it doesn't matter).

At 5:03 AM, November 14, 2005, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

Aha! So it's your great-looking pencil-rendered comic strip that I saw on Well, you get our respect too!

I had stumbled on it while browsing. I believe the topic was a camping trip. I'm sorry but I don't speak or read Russian beyond what my fencing coaches taught me back in college (which is very little).

I thought your work was professional grade and I called ChiyoChan in to have a look at it. More success to you!

I wonder if Russia has its own equivalent of Rising Stars of Manga. I also wonder if this contest accepts entries from non-US residents. IMHO, you'd have a good shot at taking one of the top spots (if not being the grand-prize winner).

My understanding was that one of the winners of the second competition, Tania del Rio, was hired to become the writer and artist for Sabrina The Teenage Witch for Archie Comics.

At 3:52 AM, November 17, 2005, Anonymous Saniya (McSnail) said...

Thank you for compliments :^)

Really, we have here some kind of comics/manga contest named Kommissia = Com(ics)Mission (in russian). I tried there this year, with the help of one boy, who was a kind of script writer. You can find it here:
picture 1
picture 2
picture 3
picture 4

Hmm, I really have to draw more...
Well, this spring I've drawn a little manga about Go - you can read it translated to endlish here:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9

(Any remarks about translation are wellcomed! My english is sometimes wrong and funny)

And, you know... If I work hard on that kind of things, maybe someday I will be known somewhere beyond my circle of acquaintance :^) Maybe even in foreign countries... But I really need to work hard ^ ^ Gambarimasu!


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