Thursday, October 06, 2005

Too early and much too unprepared

I was impatient to get back to playing Go and took on fived ranked matches today even though I had a slight fever. I lost all but one and my rank slipped back to 23k. Serves me right for trying a premature return without much study.

I feel like I have hit a ceiling; that the skills and knowledge that allowed me to rise up to 22k are insufficient to take me to the next level. This is all familiar territory for many of us. It's that cycle of success-failure-breakthrough that you go through in sports (or just about any discipline, for that matter).

I'll be on a study break and will be offline from internet Go until October 21st. Given how much I write into this blog, maybe it's a great opportunity for new readers to catch-up on everything.

See everyone then!


At 10:25 AM, October 07, 2005, Anonymous wolvie said...

Until the 21st? Oh no! Who will comment in my blog now? ;)

Hope you feel better, and see you when you get back from your study break! :)

At 11:36 AM, October 08, 2005, Anonymous yoyoma said...

ChiyoDad, you played 5 ranked games that were ranked 20k, 21k, 20k, 19k, and 20k. Since your current rank is 22k, you were playing around 2 stones above that. When playing 2 stones above your rank, KGS only expects you to win 16% of the time, so winning 1/5 is actually better than expected results!

As for why KGS demoted you, maybe a butterfly flapped its wings in Japan. Actually when I last looked you had drifted back to 22k again. :-)

At 5:58 PM, October 10, 2005, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

I'm just briefly checking in. It looks like my rank is still drifting above and below the 22k mark. Dang chaos theory butterfly!

Like last quarter, I need to prepare for a major conference in a few weeks and that limits my opportunities for a more well-rounded approach to learning Go (both studying and playing). I'll breathe a big sigh of relief when it's over and will probably kick-off with a long string of matches.


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