Thursday, November 17, 2005

McSnail's Go Manga

One of McSnail's entries into a manga competition
(Click to enlarge)

A while after I had first discovered the English blog for Russia's Go Federation, I came across McSnail's blog (aka, Saniya, written in Russian) which had rather impressive manga and illustrations done in pencil. Of course, I didn't know then that these were by McSnail (-) because I can't read Russian.

Thankfully, she can read and write English and she provided links to samples of her work which include a manga about Go (sample and links below). Her work is too good to simply be listed in the comments section of one of my previous posts so I decided to blog it here. Enjoy!

Sample Page
(Click to enlarge)

Go Manga with rough English translations:
Panels which had been entered to Kommissia's (Russian = Com(ics)Mission) competition.
One takeaway from this post is how much information and entertainment remains inaccessible to many of us because of the language barriers despite the availability of internet translation utilities like Google's Language Tools and the good old Alta Vista BabelFish. I can't help but wonder what new ideas I might be missing everytime I walk past the shelves in Kinokuniya Bookstore that carry the Japanese-language Go books.


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