Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh, so you CAN live there!

Some of you might remember this series.


yoyoma (2k) correctly observed my reluctance to jump in between 3 point spaces during one of my last games. That's because I honestly didn't think that I could form a living shape in such a tight spot. He demonstrated to me however that it was possible and not difficult.

Based on the cover art, this book's title should be
"Get Strong At Using Your Goban As A Lethal Weapon"

I managed to get myself a copy of Get Strong At Invading from Kinokuniya Bookstore for just $9 ( a 40% discount). It may have been marked-down as overstock or slow-moving merchandise. I've thus far just read the first 19 problems and browsed through the chapters. It's made me realize however that you can live in some really tight spaces and that invasions, when carried out thoughtfully, are not suicidal.

Most moves in this book are counter-intuitive and I would never have thought of them on my own. I will need to experiment which means that my rank may drop by 1-2 stones for a while.

In Other News

The ChiyoClan got to see Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire yesterday. In case you haven't read any of the reviews, the fourth installment of the movie series is rated PG-13 and contains frightening imagery and situations. I must note that Daniel Radcliffe and the cast have developed rather well as actors.

It's rated PG-13 for reasons like this.

We knew what we were getting into since we had all read the books. Some folks at the theater probably thought that it was equivalent to a kiddie show as we saw a number of families with very young children trickle-in as the theater opened. One poor toddler had to be taken out of the theater crying during the scene where Harry has to deal with the Hungarian Horned-Tail. It's good that she wasn't around for the graveyard scene.

Overall however, it was an excellent and well-paced two hours and thirty minutes of entertainment. There were no disappointments on our part other than that we wish they had incorporated more elements of the book into the movie (even if that would have caused it to go for more than three hours).


At 12:18 PM, November 20, 2005, Anonymous ScatCat said...

Kinokuniya Bookstore huh? I'll head over there one of these weekends. Sometimes it's nice to actually see a book before you buy it.

I agree with you about the Harry Potter as well. It definitely deserves its rating. I thought they did a good job condensing a 700 page book into a feature film. They changed and edited quite a few scenes, but they fit all the good parts in. If a 700 page book rates 2-1/2 hours i'm curious to see how long the next flick will run...

At 12:37 PM, November 20, 2005, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

Hello ScatCat! If you're headed westwards this way, you might want to see if you can also visit Games of Berkeley. I haven't gone to that store myself but a colleague at UCB's law school informed me that they have expanded their collection of Go books to match (and perhaps surpass) Kinokuniya's. Assuming that you map it out right, it might be only an 8-10 mile roundtrip detour off Hwy 580 while headed towards (or back from) San Francisco.


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