Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Dragon Goban

A second dragon-relief floor goban that Pong found in Henan.
Note the carved legs.

I've gotten a handful of inquiries via email about that Dragon floor goban on my last post. I thought I should put-up two more photos that Pong Yen emailed to me. These are of another dragon-relief goban that he saw at the same shop.

This is the best detailed image that he sent to me.

My preferences in Go equipment lean towards simple and clean designs like those of Kuroki Goishi Ten's; but I can certainly understand the appeal of these exotically-carved gobans and of contemporary gobans like those from Board Game Go.

Pong informed me that these gobans were being sold at that store for US$500 to US$700 but he noted that Yellow Mountain Imports could offer them at "much better" prices.

Inquiries and YMI eMail address changes

Pong had mentioned to me that they were switching to a new internet service provider so Yellow Mountain Imports' current email addres (for sales and customer service inquiries) is: welisten@chinesebrasshardware.com.

If you do have an interest in buying these Go goods, I recommend that you send an email to YMI (I believe Aaron is minding the store down in Southern California) and reference my blog. If enough of you put in a request, Pong just might import a few.


At 4:19 PM, February 28, 2006, Blogger JMP said...

I finally got one of these accounts, though I'm not doing my own blog. Don't want anyone impersonating me :)

For my usual playing boards I like plain and simple but a floor goban is a piece of furnature meaning more embellishment is acceptable and those dragons look pretty sweet. If they sell for around $300 I would be tempted.


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