Tuesday, August 15, 2006

HNG: Episode 02 and the LLNL Go Club

Last weekend, I met with Steve, Linda and Bob of the Lawrence Livermore National Labs Go Club. We played at the Panama Bay Coffee Company in downtown Livermore.

Bob gave me three teaching games and I'm very thankful to him for that. I learned a potentially useful new joseki in our second game. My Friday teaching game with lloyd gave me some good lessons that I was able to apply.

That afternoon underscored once more to me the value of in-person games; not as conduits for learning better Go, but as opportunities for enjoyable social interaction. What fun it is to sip on a cold chai while playing with no time pressure and a lot of casual laughs; trading Go stories and ideas.

Steve invited me to another event that the club will be sponsoring at the Livermore Valley Cellars Winery next month. I think I will be going.

Hikaru No Go: Episode 2

Well, a lot of you seem to have enjoyed the Hikaru No Go videos that I posted last week. Below is the second episode. Perhaps I'll make this a regular mid-week feature; something to relax with as your workday or schoolday builds-up.

Only a handful of episodes have been dubbed so most of what's available is only fan-subtitled. Admittedly, if you're impatient to watch all the 70+ subtitled episodes, you can always find them on YouTube.com.

Hikaru No Go: Episode 02 (Subbed)
Courtesy of fujitsuX on YouTube.com

Part 1

Part 2

Hikaru No Go: Episode 02 (Dubbed)
Courtesy of shiraganknight on YouTube.com

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


At 6:50 PM, August 15, 2006, Blogger xed_over said...

I'm glad you've finally come to appreciate in-person games :)

You'll be hooked now!!

At 8:53 PM, August 15, 2006, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

I've always appreciated in-person games.

It's finding the time to get to them that's been difficult.


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