Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day of rest & Go on the Nintendo GBA

I've been relaxing with Graded Go Problems for Beginners. ChiyoChan is three-fifths done with Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. ChiyoMama has been taking naps. It's been a busy week with little sleep so we're taking it easy at home on this very hot summer's day.

Yesterday night, at the bookstore while awaiting the release of the Potter book, ChiyoChan and I killed time by reading the Viz translations of the first four volumes of Hikaru No Go.

ChiyoChan told me that there was a HikaGo cartridge for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) but she believes it's only available in Japanese. She said that it allows you to play Go on the GBA.

Hikaru no Go 1 for GBA.

Hikaru no Go 2 for GBA. Image courtesy of

It looks like two cartridges were released for the GBA and they are compatible only with the Japanese version of this gameplayer. A review by Daniel Thomas was the best English summary of the second GBA cartridge that I could find via Google. His site provides screen captures as well.

ChiyoChan enjoys the HikaGo anime and manga. My understanding is that Viz has also licensed the animated series and will be releasing its English dub in September of 2005. It'd be nice if English translations of the GBA game(s) would follow.


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