Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tutoring games and 5th Judan Cup

bernix (BC) from Austria plays well. He's an iaido-ka and aikido-ka as well. He mentioned playing tutoring games with YUSUKE (4d but shows as 21k? on IGS) over the weekend. I probably could use a few so I may start requesting some higher-kyu or dan games.

IGS sent out a reminder about the 5th Judan Cup. It's really a marathon. I've registered since several IGS members will be looking for playing partners. This makes it a good opportunity to play and practice; which is the gist of Cho Chikun's intentions.

Dear ChiyoDad

In the period of July 20th through August 31st you're invited
to play as many games as possible and thus win the
5th Cho Chikun Judan Cup.
A marathon of 42 days and 19.5 hours to try to play more
games than any other competitor, a true challenge.
You can subscribe from the 1st till the 18th of July,
so why not subscribe now!

For more details, see:

Sincerely yours,
PANDANET Office head-office@pandanet.co.jp


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