Friday, July 08, 2005

Table textures for glGo

Dark textured wood

Light textured wood

Dark Red Stars (My preferred texture)

Clovers - Feeling lucky?

Above are four files that I modified from the Absolute Textures Background Archive to be used as the table background for glGo. You can use these as your custom background as specified in the glGo readme file (excerpt provided at the end of this post). Please note that Blogger only displays JPEG files and glGo needs PNG files for the texture. You will need a freeware program like Graphic Converter to convert the full-sized images to PNG.

The default table background ruins the illusion of a 3D board because tiled graphics cannot simulate perspective. I have found however that the pattern of multi-sized stars in the Dark Red Stars tile does a good job of preserving this illusion. I've made it my default background for now.

Click for an enlargment of Dark Red Stars tile with a 3D goban

The other three tiles work best with a 2D board but you may also enjoy them with a 3D board. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Excerpt from the glGo 1.2 Beta4 readme

To use own images, you need to create a directory data/ within the share
directory and drop the images there. glGo will first search real existing files,
and if they are not found use the defaults in data.dat. The images must have a
certain name, format and size:

The goban kaya background : kaya.jpg 512x512
The 3D white stone texture : white_tex.jpg 64x64
The 3D white last-move marker : mark_white.jpg 64x64
The 3D black last-move marker : mark_black.jpg 64x64
The table background (2D+3D) : table.png 128x128
The SDL white stones : hyuga1.png - hyuga8.png 49x49
The SDL black stone : blk.png 49x49

To replace the kaya goban background, copy an image file kaya.jpg of size
512x512 pixels into the following location:
Windows: C:\Program Files\glGo\share\data\kaya.jpg
Linux: /usr/share/games/glGo/data/kaya.jpg

If you use another image format or another size, it might work or not. Probably
not. The OpenGL images *must* have a size of a power of two (SDL doesn't care).

All images are automatically resized. The table background is made from 6x6
tiles with each 128x128 pixels size.


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