Sunday, August 21, 2005

glGo backgrounds now on Pandanet

You can now download them all in one zip file.

Peter Strempel made my glGo backgrounds available on Pandanet in PNG formats. I'm very thankful for this because it does not look like my former free webhost, Portland Communications, is in business anymore. He had mentioned these in which, to my surprise on Saturday morning, caused the traffic to my blog to suddenly quadruple.

I had created these backgrounds to enhance the look of my IGS client, glGo. Peter mentioned that version 1.3.1 would make it easier to change the background images through the menu. Currently, you need to rename and drop these files into the appropriate subfolder for glGo.

Also added to the same page were frankii's flat graphics skin which gives glGo a printed book look. Perhaps, one of these days, I'll make a food-based skin with M&Ms or cookies for Go stones. (I guess that shows you where my mind is.)

Last night, I just couldn't muster the same level of concentration that I had played with on Friday evening. All but one of my games were losses as can be seen from my KGS game archive. I was, admittedly, mentally exhausted and should have gone to bed.

No Go today. ChiyoChan and I may drive to Golden Gate Park for some archery.


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