Tuesday, August 23, 2005

mungo's review & ChiyoChan learns ... chess?

I had a poorly played game today against Ninpuu (30k?). Although I won by 82.5 moku, I made several blunders which could have been exploited and lost me the game.

mungo (I know he used to be 4k) was watching and invited me for a review afterwards. He showed me several variations to my plays where I could have turned around what I thought was a lost situation. Some were deep and yet beyond my level of analysis but others were relatively simple. I'm very thankful for the time that he took to prepare his game analysis. I've stored his variations so that I can go over them again tomorrow.

Uh, ... gee. Chess is good dear.
But what about Go?

On the homefront, my daughter ChiyoChan has taken a stronger interest in ... chess. Perhaps she just wants to be a little different from her father. I'm still glad however that she's gotten into a pure-strategy game. It's also given me an idea for another 4-panel comic (but that shall have to wait for a while).


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