Saturday, June 10, 2006

Coming from YMI: Are you ready for Super Yunzi?

Pong Yen at Yellow Mountain Imports had confirmed that they will soon be stocking Japanese slate and shell stones from Hyuga in Japan. If you've recently visited their website, you probably saw their teaser ad shown below.

Teaser ad from YMI.

They will offer Yuki (Snow) and Jitsuyo (Standard) grade stones made from Mexican clams. I had touched-upon these grades in an earlier post.

He also informed me that they are working on stocking Super Yunzi which are Sizes 38 and 41. Their regular bi-convex Yunzi stones are Size 34 (9.5mm thick) as shown in the image below.

A Size 34 Yunzi from YMI.

By Japanese standards, Size 38 is 10.7mm, but YMI's would be 10.8mm. Size 41 is 11.7mm. To give you an idea of how thick these stones would be, take a look at the image below from Kuroki Goishi Ten which compares the sizes of their thick clam-shell stones.

Comparing Sizes 34 through 40.

Understandibly, not everyone likes fat stones but I know that there are many (including myself) who love their heft.

To accomodate these stones, YMI will be offering a larger-sized Kitani-style bowls made out of Indian Rosewood. Guitarists are familiar with this wood as its veneers are often used by luthiers.

An example of a guitar made from Indian Rosewood veneers.

Virtual Conferences with a WebCam

Logitech's QuickCam Fusion

I acquired a Logitech QuickCam Fusion to experiment with video telephony and have been enjoying long-distance video conversations with some of you via Skype.

My long-term goal however is to highlight the effectiveness of virtual meetings which can be used to augment the functionality of Go clubs and allow them to expand memberships beyond their immediate geographic areas.

Currently, video telephony apps like Skype and MSN Messenger only allow 1-to-1 video telephony. Apple's iChat offers multiple-user connections with a beautiful virtual conference table interface.

Apple's iChat in action.

An experimental application, WigiWigi, allows up to nine conferees on Windows XP and Mac OSX; all with super-smooth video (as long as the camera can support the frame rate). In its current form, WigiWigi establishes a direct node-to-node connection so users need to provide each other their IP address which can be looked up using online services.

The application itself is quite simple and uses only one file; you download it and run it. There is no install procedure except for allowing the application access through Windows XP's firewall.

WigiWigi in action with eight conferees and room for one more.

Fuseki Quiz 9/20

White to play. This one seems really hard.
I chose A as an urgent move but I think it's sub-optimal.

Scoring of Last Weekend's Fuseki Quiz 8/20
(Jump to last week's quiz!)
  • A = 6
  • B = 10, B taking J3 is a big move which threatens a follow-up invasion at N3 as illustrated below. If W takes is able to extend to H3, then this opportunity would be lost.
  • C = 2
  • D = 8
  • E = 4


At 10:16 PM, June 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember you said you won your set in an auction at YMI website. Whereabouts is the auction page? I can't seem to see it...

At 10:19 PM, June 11, 2006, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

You can use this search on eBay.

They seem to be low on inventory right now. I think their next shipment of goods will arrive late this month or in early July.

At 4:50 PM, June 12, 2006, Anonymous erislover said...

I agree with you on "A". Black turning with a ponnuki threat and coming closer to sealing white in feels urgent to me, too. While I don't think "C" and "E" are truly miai ("E" seems bigger to me), they are probably miai enough to make "A" important. Besides which, black needs to take care of that full triangle before he can take either of "C" or "E", lest white get a good attack going from her enclosure.

At 8:41 PM, June 12, 2006, Blogger Adam said...

eh, let black take 'a'. White can approach that shape from the top to limit it's growth potential. Instead white should take 'd'. It threatens both lower side black shapes. White should be able to get life and chase at least one of them around for some profit.

And, tho I've already mentioned it, does anyone know

At 7:14 AM, June 14, 2006, Anonymous erislover said...


To me, it isn't a question of limiting black's growth potential--black's potential there is already limited by white's enclosure.

I will be interested in seeing the answer.

At 9:06 AM, June 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm also thinking A. Perhaps too many forcing plays if white doesn't play there. B I'll leave for aji, and C and E I'll consider miai (though like erislover mentioned E seems bigger). If black D then hopefully one can use the aji of B in a good way.

At 5:37 AM, June 15, 2006, Blogger JMP said...

I am going to go with D. The d10 stone doesn't seem that valuable to me since it isn't a cutting stone and the white group is completely alive. It does provide access to the center which can't be neglected but if Black wants to spend 2 moves to kill that stone I think white can get compensation for that elsewhere.


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