Monday, July 18, 2005

Escapers on KGS

I've observed more escapers on KGS than on IGS and that has me a bit peeved. Someone explained to me that this is rather common because KGS allows guests (unregistered players). Of my 12 games on that server, 2 were left unfinished by escapees (17%). By contrast, of the 115 games that I've played on IGS, only 1 was left unfinished by an escapee (less than 1%).

Unregistered guests on KGS wll typically have neither a rank nor a "?" next to their login names. It's unfair to some opponents but I'll be declining matches from those that have neither.

Interestingly, Sensei's Library actually has sections on Bad Habits, Good Habits and Go Etiquette. As a beginner however, I differ that playing to the end is a bad habit at this level. On games where my opponents have fallen behind, I generally encourage them to play to the end if they would like to experiment.

Played a 13x13 against chiyoram (21k+, no relation whatsoever) on IGS. I lost but it was fascinating to see how quickly he was able to build up a living group in the corner. His defense pattern (to thwart invasions) was simple and minimalistic (a diagonal line of stones) but effective. I may try that sometime. Thanks for the game!


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