Sunday, July 24, 2005

Registered at CyberOro

It's been almost two months that I hadn't been able to register at CyberOro via their English registration page and it was no different when I tried again at 4:00pm. Previous emails to their webmaster received no response.

At 5:30pm, I sent an another email via my corporate server (to see if the domain name of a major tech company might get their attention). I got a response under one hour telling me that the problem with their SQL database has been fixed. Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

I registered with CyberOro but honestly do not expect to spend much time there since I'm still in the lower kyus. I just wanted to make sure that my chiyodad login was reserved. After I confirmed that I could log-in, I went on the Sensei's Library page for CyberOro and did an initial clean-up of comments related to not being able to register.

I'm not sure but it looks like their client runs only on the Windows operating system. The interface is similar to, but less functional than, the one used by DashBaduk. Interestingly, Hangul (the Korean writing system) is displayed on the CyberOro client but not on the DashBaduk client.

For the most part, I have been off all the Go servers today and have played no games. It will have to be this way until I finish some major deliverables on the afternoon of July 28th.

I've set-up two nine-inch clocks in my home office (white Wal-Mart in-house brand for $3.76 each) to keep track of local and GMT time. These are meant to help me coordinate with coworkers in Scotland (currently on British summer time at GMT+1) but they will also come in handy for knowing when online events and lectures will take place on the Go servers.


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