Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lesson with yoyoma (2k) on KGS

yoyoma (2k) provided me with a lesson this evening on KGS by reviewing one of my 13x13 games. The analysis and demonstrations were most insightful but I also came away impressed with:
  • CGoban2's (KGS client) versatility as a tool for reviewing games and variations
  • yoyoma's speed in demonstrating moves while texting (it was almost as if he had four hands)
yoyoma showed me several variations to my moves and demonstrated some eye-popping tesuji (which I probably won't be able to emulate for several ranks). There were too many areas covered for me to be able to summarize them in this journal.

He did also point out several bad beginners' habits which included:
  • The insufficient focus on the meta-objective (capturing territory)
  • The use of unnecessary protective formations
  • The use of attacks (making contact with my opponents stones) without influence
  • Unneeded plays to capture (which either robs you of moves, territory, or both)
  • The desire to protect all of your stones
This was a very helpful lesson and I now need to practice what I learned. I'm hoping to have another review with yoyoma in the future.

Many thanks!!


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