Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Learning from mistakes

Any game that you learn something new is a good game. I usually say that when I encounter an opponent who's not as strong as I am.

Zero9090 (22k) accidentally set me up with a 19x19 match (I had asked for a 13x13). It turned into a tutoring game of sorts and I particularly liked the way he set me up. The results are shown below and I've made a mental note of what he did in case I ever have an opportunity to teach a weaker player.

Zero9090 launched an invasion in the lower right corner and this was the result. I failed to properly contain his group and he gained 10 moku even though I had supporting stones to the left.


He then launched an identical invasion on the upper right. I contained his invasion and reduced his territorial gain to just 4 moku without supporting stones to the left. Shadowcat (17k) was observing. During our post-game chat, he mentioned that he saw the change and complimented me for learning from my experience.


I lost the match but I think it helped me grow stronger. This is one game that I'll need to replay and dissect. Thanks!

I chatted with yoyoma (2k - albeit on his KGS chart it looks like he had achieved the rank of shodan at one point) during my lunch break today and he encouraged me to play more 19x19s. Those will have to wait until the end of the month; when my workload lightens and I have more time for Go.


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