Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Two games for GTL review

Played again with Zero9090 (22k?) and lost but it was a good game. I've configured glGo to automatically save all of my games as SGFs to my hard drive. I'll need to rename the file and annotate it for review by the Go Teaching Ladder. I'll have them send him a copy of the review as well (although I seriously don't think he needs it).

Zero9090 is modest about his skills but he plays better than I do.

visnja (BC) played a total of 1,121 games before playing me. I lost the game because I forgot to fortify an area in my upper left corner. I made too many mistakes in that game so I need to submit it to GTL as well.

In general, I find that I don't mind losing if the game reveals weaknesses in my skills or if it at least keeps me in suspense as to whether I might be able to close the gap between myself and my opponent. Of course, the occasional good conversation helps soften the blow too. visnja was silent throughout our match but Zero9090 was good to chat with.

One of these days, I hope to find another opportunity to visit Korea. I've completely forgotten how to write Hangul.


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