Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Breaktime until Saturday

I'll be open for games again this Saturday. I love playing but I really need a break to catch-up on my readings. I may be online to chat or watch some games.

I accepted a tutoring game (no handicap) from creepyjohn (22k?). I'd need at least a 6-stone handicap against him in a regular match but would still probably be kicked sideways. It was a very good game which I may also submit to GTL. I had already sent my last match with Zero9090 to the GTL administrators.

He mentioned that Kiseido Go Server had online game review services and other classes besides the Saturday beginners class. He also recommended Basic Techniques of Go for my reading list. I think our library system has a copy so I'll put in a request.

creepyjohn played DrPep las night. We both agreed that DrPep is a very amicable fellow. I should play him again one of these days.


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