Monday, August 29, 2005

First Impressions: Graded Go Problems For Beginners, Vol.2

I've just started on the exercises of Graded Go Problems For Beginners, Vol.2 (hereafter referred to as GGPB2). The problems are ranked 25-kyu to 20-kyu. I'm only up to number 29 of 326. I already answered two of these sub-optimally and have noticed that my average response time is about 25 seconds. That's about double the time it took for me to solve most of the problems in Vol.1.

The longer times are understandable since the problems now require multiple moves; the reader needs to think ahead. In the first 29 problems, I saw how ladders evolve from patterns and how shortages of liberties can be created. I could have used the latter in my teaching game with fathwad (17k).

This volume certainly benefits from the halo effect of the first book; but my first impression is that it will go on my recommended list. I'll write-up a full review when I'm done with it.

The longer times needed for solving these problems now has me considering that I should reset my default game times to allow15 minutes plus 5 byoyomi periods at about 1 minute each (with perhaps 20-25 stones). I currently set it to just 3 periods at 45 seconds each with 25 stones.

I won't be online again at KGS at least until Wednesday. Besides reading GGPB2, I'm skimming through the introductory chapter of Invincible and now have a better idea of what Shusaku Fuseki is and why the man liked it.

Per-Åke Lindblom's site is a real labor of love.

Per-Åke Lindblom of Sweden had sent me some advice for ChiyoChan. His own site is a real eye-popper as one begins to navigate through it. It looks like a single-handed attempt to do for chess what Sensei's Library does for Go. Even though his site is notably smaller than Sensei's Library, the sheer volume of information that he has written and accumulated (in five languages) is impressive.

It looks like his site received a chess award. Makes me wonder if there is, or should be, a similar award for personal Go sites.


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