Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Temple of Go 15k-30k Tournament

Morpheus sent me an invitation to The First Temple of Go Dojo 15k-30k Tournament which will be held in the Temple of Go Dojo on Kiseido Go Server. I added the dates and times to the Calendar. If you're registered on that forum (and if you've completed your profile), the dates for the tournament will auto-adjust for your timezone.

Although KGS ranks me at 14k, that rating is more likely due to rank float. If I played six games tonight, I think I would get knocked down to 15k or even 16k in a pinch. I know some of you think that I'm as strong as my rank indicates but I don't have the same confidence level. Besides, I've hardly played any games recently.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in this tournament since I need to do extended work over the weekend. On top of that, ChiyoMama will be returning from her overseas business trip on Sunday night and we'll be driving to San Francisco International Airport to pick her up.

I'm really eager to get back into regular matches on KGS even though I expect to be clobbered. I don't know how I'll perform since I have been playing mostly teaching games on Dragon and quick games at 20k on IGS.

Drago's New Website

Gilles Arcas has registered a new domain for his freeware SGF tool, Drago. You'll now find it at Drago remains my favorite editor and GnuGo interface because of its ease-of-use, printing options, and its clean interface.

Final Version of Skype 2.5 Released

For all of you Go players who use Skpe for internet telephony, the final version of 2.5 for Windows has been released. You may want to download and install it.

Blog About Studying Wei-Qi in China

You might have already read that two of NannyOgg's friends have launched a new Go blog on the eve of their departure to China. Guo Juan had arranged for them to study over the summer with her teacher there. It should be an interesting read.

I only hope that they will be able to update the blog from China. I was told twice that Blogger could sometimes not be accessed from China because of state censoring.


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