Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Editing Sensei's Library

I've been doing some editing on Sensei's Library; mostly cleaning up the articles on The Magic of Go (Yomiuri Shimbun), glGo, DashN (aka DashBaduk) and CyberOro. I was a tad merciless and deleted as many dated comments as possible to keep the articles concise and to the point.

I also added some graphics (some hosted on my file site) to help communicate visual improvements to the readers. In email exchanges and online discussions, I've discovered that a lot of long-time IGS users haven't updated their clients and haven't taken advantage of the improved interface of glGo v1.3. That's a shame because the new client has an interface that, in in my humble opinion, is somewhat better than Sente Goban with its Photoshop-textured stones in 2D and gives the user a more realistic playing experience in 3D.

With all this editing, I've gotten more comfortable with formatting Wiki pages so I applied what I learned to my own SL home page. The avatar, incidentally, is the first and original ChiyoDad that I take my name from. It'll be interesting to see if any of you know where it's from. Alan is automatically disqualified from this guessing game.

I'm catching up on work so I've been able to steal away for a few 13x13 games. I still owe aKuei (now 28k? on KGS) and creepyjohn (22k?) games. Hang tight, fellows. I'll synch-up with the both of you soon.


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