Friday, July 29, 2005

Hit the books!

I played aKuei (30k) on a 13x13 just this afternoon and lost. He's definitely gotten stronger and he won by 26.5 moku! He deserves recognition for some particularly smart plays and sacrifices. This is how the board ended.

But there's also something amiss with my play. I don't know exactly what it is but I think I need to go back to my books and replay a few more games. A number of times, I almost felt like my focus had narrowed and I was fighting battles rather than a war.

I seemed to had gotten back the initiative when aKuei began running short on time. Although I couldn't turn the game around, I noticed that his moves lost some focus. It was, in effect, the time constraint that prevented me from losing by an even greater margin. We seem to have a difference in styles.


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