Thursday, July 28, 2005

Return to 19x19s

My biggest project of the quarter was behind me and I now can go back to regular sleeping hours. My Post-It manga pretty much summarizes the big points of my day and my sentiments.

On KGS, I played my first 19x19 in days. My opponent was Stukov (25k?) and I had a 3 stone handicap (on the assumption that I'm about 28k). yoyoma (2k) and fathwad (18k) observed albeit their presence didn't really affect my game. I lost by 7.5 moku for failure to exploit two positions as fathwad pointed out in the post-game review.

This was the first. A play on the triangle point would have gained 5-6 moku and captured at least 5 stones.

This was the second. The play was worth 5-6 moku and at least 5 prisoners.

I failed to see both due to beginner's anxiety; I couldn't see the opportunities for the atari threats. But fathwad's post-game review was very helpful and I'm thankful to him for taking the time.

The late evening was spent browsing at Borders where they had only one Go book (scandalous) and three shelves of books on Poker (that was expected). The weather has cooled here in the San Francisco Bay Area and it was wonderful to walk with the family to the bookstore and back.

I'd like to do a quick segue to the topic of movies. ChiyoMama and I watched Finding Neverland on DVD late this afternoon. She had seen it yesterday evening with ChiyoChan while I was busy with work. If you're a parent, watch the movie (preferrably with your kids). If you're not a parent, watch it anyway. I seldom recommend movies and this one is really worth your time.


At 4:06 PM, July 29, 2005, Anonymous Alan said...

Interesting. I probably would miss those too. These moves are sometimes referred to as "pins", if I'm not mistaken.


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