Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tsk! Tsk! Not nice.

I had a couple more handicapped games on KGS this evening against metric (5k) and cycleist (15k). I lost both but it was interesting to see how the play unfolded. metric was kind enough to do a review of where I could have turned the game around but his explanation didn't quite sink in. I really would need to examine those two games more closely.

aKuei (28k?) and I missed playing a match. I think he lost his internet connection again and was unable to log back in to KGS.

I afterwards played against Hikaru9293 (27k?). During the game, he asked for an undo on move 111 which I granted. He said "only one undo". I later asked for an undo on move 121 and he did not respond in kind. Perhaps it was just a misunderstanding of some sort, but I did not like that at all. I turned down his subsequent request for another undo.

Hikaru9293 also briefly disputed a group of stones in the upper left corner which clearly had false eyes. I thought he wasn't being very nice but I won the match anyway by 6.5 moku (and with a 6.5 komi). I put the fellow on my censored list.

I have to say that, despite any comeuppance, it still feels better to lose to a polite player than to win against a rude one. The latter can't be avoided so I have to treat such as part of the tests and trials on the road to shodan.

Upon briefly reviewing the SGFs from the games, I saw that I had made the same mistake in my match against Hikaru9293 that metric had once pointed out to me. Hopefully, I will remember even this one lesson from hereon.


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