Monday, July 18, 2005

Tatami background for Drago

Gilles Arcas, the developer of Drago, sent me a patch of his program that allows the use of background tiles. The image below uses a new tatami texture with a bit less color saturation. I think it goes well with his board texture.

Drago patch using the tatami background.

The new tatami texture I created for the Drago patch.

Drago is my default application for viewing, editing, and (especially) printing SGFs. I didn't realize that is was also an excellent tool for going through Go problems until Gilles sent me a sample file. That only further enhances its value as a study tool. It's even more appealing as Gilles adds options for further personalizing the interface.

The SunXi screensaver using the Drago board texture.

Gilles was also so kind enough to send me his goban texture. I installed it into the SunXi Go screensaver which I had reviewed in this blog. It looks just great and I will try to add it to my online file library this weekend.


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