Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not ready for Speed Go

I tried two games of speed Go with Haikon (22k+) this evening but found that I was still too careless and near-focused with my moves. Sensei's Library has an article as to why speed Go is bad but I still felt that it was worth trying. I wanted to see if it improves my natural reaction when I play at my regular speed.

It's another night of late work for me. My week will only get busier until most of my projects are completed on the 28th. Hopefully, I will still be able to squeeze in a game or two each day.

I noticed that Samarkand is now offering some of its wares on eBay. Unfortunately, the discounts on the starting bids are only 10%. The 5.5" agathis floorboard set that I want is being auctioned at a starting bid of $450 versus the standard retail of $500.

I wish there was a local shop where I could compare agathis and shin-kaya boards. I haven't found much help online in comparing the characteristics of the two woods. Do Yutopian or Kiseido carry any inventory of these in their Santa Monica offices?


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