Friday, September 09, 2005

Broke 27k this evening

Position at the 254th move. Black captured a large group in the lower-right.

After winning my match against klongi (19k) with a 6-stone handicap, the KGS system adjusted my rank to 27k. My thanks go to klongi for having accepted my adjustment to the handicap (from 5 to 6 stones) and for the challenging game.

My rank has advanced rather quickly over the past few days but I don't feel that much stronger. That may just be self-doubt nagging my psyche since I had been a 30k for a very long time. I was expecting to have to claw my way up to the next rank.

I can only trust that, little by little, I'm doing a better job of creatively coordinating what I've learned to date about tactics and strategy.

One disadvantage of getting a higher rank is that your games do get harder and you get fewer handicap stones.

A take from Seinfeld.


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