Saturday, September 10, 2005

Time to pause and review

I won another challenge match this evening; this one against taengmo (20k) with a 6-stone handicap. He complimented me on my play and I am thankful for his challenge. I owe him a rematch with a smaller handicap.

I'm guessing that my KGS rank chart will be close to 26k by midnight, GMT, tomorrow. If any of my previous opponents improve, my rank may even break past the 26k mark.

Despite these successes, I know that there were many flaws in my recent games. A different, or perhaps more aggressive, stone placement by my opponents could easily have turned the games around. mungo (4k) has already asked me to review my recent matches with him and I hope to do so this weekend or on Monday evening.

Although I am proud of this sharp rise of my rank, I think now is a good time to secure my base through reviews, exercises, and a continuation of my readings.

I've been fortunate to find the time in my busy work and personal schedule to play - and play well - these past few days. I can take enough satisfaction in that. It would be better that my advancement be solid rather than an overextension (to put it in Go parlance).

I learned this evening that Shugyosha (30k?) also has a Go blog entitled, "A River of Stones". Go ahead and check it out!


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